What does Buff mean in gaming?

To get stronger

In the world of gaming, ‘buff’ is a term used to denote an enhancement or boost given to a character in a game. This could be an increase in the character’s health or attack strength.

Players often use buffs on their characters or on their teammates’ characters to enhance their abilities. For instance, before a tough fight with a game boss, a player might use a buff spell to increase the speed and health regeneration of their team.

In many games, the enemies can also use buffs to make themselves or their allies stronger. Buffs can be targeted, meaning they can be applied to one or more specific characters. On the other hand, some buffs are area of effect (AoE) abilities, impacting any character within the effect’s area.

The term ‘buff’ can also be used to describe changes made by game developers to strengthen a certain class, item, or ability in a game update. When used in this context, ‘buff’ is the opposite of ‘nerf’, which refers to the weakening of a class, item, or ability.

Example for using ‘Buff’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the latest game patch notes?

Yeah, they buffed the warrior class!

That’s awesome! They really needed a boost.