What does Bunnies mean in gaming?

Jumping in first-person shooter games

Originating from the game Quake, ‘Bunnies’ is a term used in first-person shooter games. It refers to the act of jumping in a specific way to take advantage of the game’s physics, allowing for a longer jump than usual.

The term ‘Bunnies’ came into existence when players discovered a way to exploit the game’s engine. By making a looping motion while jumping, they could jump much farther.

Essentially, this term is a nod to the interesting ways players can manipulate the gaming mechanics to their advantage. It’s a fun strategy that not only enhances gameplay but also adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement.

Example for using ‘Bunnies’ in a conversation

Hey, have you tried playing the new FPS game?

Yeah, it’s awesome! I love the bunnies in this game.

Bunnies? What do you mean?

It’s a slang term for jumping in the game. You can jump really far if you time it right.