What does Burkini mean?

Islamic swimming suit covering the whole body, known as Burkini

A burkini is a swimsuit designed for Muslim women who want to maintain their traditional dress code while swimming. This two-piece outfit offers full body coverage, taking inspiration from the burka, a type of clothing that covers a woman’s body when she’s out in public. The name ‘burkini’ is a clever blend of ‘burka’ and ‘bikini’.

The term burkini gained worldwide attention in 2016 when a number of beach resorts in France decided to ban this style of swimwear. The decision was met with polarizing views. A portion of people felt that this ban was a response to the terror attacks and was infringing upon human rights.

On the other hand, some people supported the ban, claiming it as a stand against customs they saw as oppressive. It’s also worth noting that you might come across the term ‘burqini’, which is another way to spell it, stemming from the variant spelling of ‘burqa’.

Example for using ‘Burkini’ in a conversation

Hey, have you ever heard of a Burkini? 🤔

Yeah! It’s a full-body swimming suit worn by some Muslim women. 🏊‍♀️

That’s right! It combines “burka” and “bikini”. Did you know it became popular in 2016 when it got banned in some French resorts? 😮

I didn’t know that. Some people think it’s against human rights, while others support the ban. 🤷‍♀️