What does Burner mean?

A cell phone that can be thrown away after use

A burner is a kind of disposable cell phone. It’s normally tossed out when the prepaid minutes are all used up. This type of phone is a popular choice among individuals involved in illegal activities such as drug dealing who want to avoid being tracked or having their conversations recorded.

You might have seen burners being used in movies and TV shows revolving around characters involved in criminal activities or trying to dodge government surveillance. The reason for this is that these phones offer a level of anonymity which is appealing to such characters.

You can easily buy a burner with cash from retailers like Walmart and Target. The ease of purchase and use makes them a go-to choice for those looking to stay under the radar.

Example for using ‘Burner’ in a conversation

Hey, do you have a burner?

Yeah, I just bought one yesterday.

Nice! Why did you get it?

I needed a disposable phone for when I’m traveling.