What does Bush mean in sports?

Amateur play

Bush is a term you often hear in sports, especially in baseball. It’s a way of talking about someone who’s not quite up to professional standards. It’s like calling someone an amateur or saying they’re not playing at the level you’d expect from a pro.

It all started in small town minor league baseball where the quality of play wasn’t as good as the major leagues. That’s where the term comes from. But it’s not just for baseball anymore, you can use it to talk about any kind of performance that isn’t up to scratch.

So if you’re watching a game or a play and someone’s not doing great, you can say they’re playing or acting ‘Bush’. It’s just a quicker, slang way of saying they need to up their game.

And sometimes, people shorten it even more and just say ‘Bush’. It means the same thing. So next time you hear the term ‘Bush’, you’ll know they’re talking about something or someone that’s not quite hitting the mark.

Example for using ‘Bush’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the baseball game last night?

Yeah, I did. It was so disappointing. The home team’s performance was totally bush!

I know, right? They made so many mistakes. It felt like I was watching amateur players.

Exactly! It was frustrating to see such unprofessional play from a team at this level.