What does Bussin mean?

Extremely awesome

If something is really good, especially food, you might hear people describe it as “bussin.” This slang term is often used by teens and young adults, particularly those active on TikTok.

Bussin is not a new term, it has been around for a while, originating from the Black community as a way to compliment tasty food. Its popularity skyrocketed on social media platforms like TikTok around the early 2020s.

While the term was initially used to describe delicious dishes, its use has expanded. People now use bussin to describe anything that’s great, from a stylish outfit to a great song or movie.

Remember when foodie TikToker, let’s call her Lisa, asked what the term meant? Instead of giving a straightforward answer, TikTokers had a bit of fun. They stitched together videos of Lisa enjoying food and asked her, “Is it bussin, Lisa?” This trend took the internet by storm.

However, the use of bussin has sparked some controversy. Critics argue that non-Black people are appropriating the term from African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and misusing it for their own benefit. It’s even been included in a list of AAVE words that non-Black people are advised not to use.

Example for using ‘Bussin’ in a conversation

Hey, I just tried the new burger joint in town. Their burgers are bussin! 🍔🔥

Oh, really? I’ve been wanting to try it. What makes them so good? 🤔

The patties are juicy, the toppings are fresh, and the sauce is amazing. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! 😋

Sounds like I need to give it a shot then. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙌