What does Busted mean in gaming?

Too powerful

When gamers talk about something in a game being “busted”, they’re referring to parts of the game that are either broken or excessively strong, also known as overpowered (OP). These busted parts can throw off the equilibrium of the game, turning it into a race of who can take advantage of these busted elements the most.

Take for instance, a game like Dota 2 where new heroes are introduced that are perceived as “busted” due to their superior abilities compared to existing heroes. These heroes are usually adjusted or “nerfed” in future updates to level the playing field. But not before they’ve had their moment of glory, until the next busted hero arrives.

For games that have competitive scenes, these busted parts are often prohibited in official matches to maintain fair play. An example of this is in Tekken tournaments where the Infinite Azure stage is often banned, mainly due to its vast size which allows fast characters to win by employing dull hit-and-run strategies.

Example for using ‘Busted’ in a conversation

Hey, have you played that new game yet?

Yeah, I have! It’s pretty fun, but some elements are so busted.

What do you mean by “busted”?

Well, you know when something is overpowered and it ruins the balance of the game? That’s what I mean. It’s like the game becomes all about using that one thing to win.