What does Buzzkill mean?

Something that ruins a good time

When something suddenly spoils a good time or a cheerful atmosphere, it’s referred to as a buzzkill. Let’s say a bunch of pals are having a blast and out of nowhere, one of them brings up a depressing fact about life, effectively dampening the mood. In response, they might say, “Way to be a buzzkill, Dave.”

The term buzzkill is used in a variety of scenarios such as in everyday conversations, texting, or on the internet. Regardless of whether it’s intentional or accidental, buzzkills are always a letdown. They can take many forms, from a hurtful remark, a spilled secret, an unwanted visitor, to even a bout of bad weather.

The exact origin of the slang term “buzzkill” is unclear. However, it appears to have emerged during the early 1990s. It’s believed to stem from the act of killing a high, also known as a “buzz”.

Example for using ‘Buzzkill’ in a conversation

Ugh, it’s pouring outside ☔️

I know, it’s such a buzzkill. I was hoping for a sunny day.