What does BWDIK stand for?

But what do I know

BWDIK is an acronym that stands for “but what do I know.” It’s often used by people who have a sarcastic tone. They use this term when they feel they have more knowledge or insight about a particular subject than you do.

This term is often used in relation to giving advice. The person who uses BWDIK is typically implying that they have some valuable advice to offer, and they believe you might not listen to it. The underlying assumption is that they think they are smarter than you and you would be making a mistake if you didn’t heed their advice.

So, when you see BWDIK at the end of a statement, remember that it’s a sarcastic way of saying, “I may know better, but hey, what do I know?”

Example for using ‘BWDIK’ in a conversation

Hey, I just booked a trip to Hawaii! So excited!

BWDIK, but aren’t you afraid of getting sunburned?

Nah, I’ll just wear sunscreen.

Well, BWDIK, but I heard the sun there is super intense. You might regret it!