What does BWL stand for?

Bursting with laughter

BWL is a cool acronym you can use when you find something really funny. It stands for “Bursting with laughter”. Think of it as a stronger version of LOL, the well-known term for laughing out loud.

Picture yourself laughing so hard that it feels like you’re going to burst. That’s the level of humor BWL is meant to express. For instance, it could be used when your buddy Jack, slips on a banana peel and his coffee goes flying, or when your dad’s text gets hilariously autocorrected.

One thing to keep in mind though, not everyone may be familiar with BWL. So, it might leave some people scratching their heads if you use it with them. It’s a less common term than LOL, so it’s best used with friends who are up to date with the latest internet slang.

Example for using ‘BWL’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video I sent you? 🤣

Yeah, I just watched it. BWL! That cat is hilarious! 🤣

I know, right? It’s so funny how it fell off the table! 🤣

I couldn’t stop laughing! My stomach hurts now. BWL! 🤣