What does BWTM stand for?

But wait, there’s more

Have you ever messaged someone a long story and then realized you’re not quite done yet? That’s where BWTM comes in handy. This acronym stands for “But Wait, There’s More” and is used when you still have more to say in a conversation, even though it might seem like you’re done.

Typically, a person might send a long message explaining an event or story, and then follow it up with “BWTM” before adding more details. This not only adds a bit of suspense to the conversation, but also lets the receiver know to expect more information.

It’s important to note that BWTM isn’t a common acronym used in everyday texting. It’s more often used by people who enjoy being extra expressive in their communication. In other words, if you’re someone who loves to chat and tell stories in detail, BWTM might just become your new favorite acronym.

So, next time you’re typing out a long message and realize you’ve got more to say, don’t hesitate to throw in a BWTM. It’s a fun and dramatic way to keep the conversation going!

Example for using ‘BWTM’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just won tickets to a concert tonight!

Wow, that’s awesome! Which band is performing?

It’s my favorite band, The Rockin’ Rollers! They’re known for their high-energy performances and amazing stage presence.

That’s so cool! I’ve heard their music is really catchy. I bet it’ll be an incredible experience.

BWTM, not only do I have tickets, but I also got backstage passes! I’ll get to meet the band and maybe even take a selfie with them!