What does BYOB stand for?

Bring your own beer

If you ever get a message or an invite saying “BYOB”, it means you are being told to “bring your own beer”, or any other alcoholic drink that you prefer, to a party or a social gathering. This term has been in use since the 1910s, and became more popular during the 1920s, especially during the Prohibition era when selling alcohol was banned. Nowadays, it’s a pretty common term used in the U.S, especially when inviting people to parties.

Let’s say you’re planning an impromptu hang-out or a birthday party and you decide not to provide alcohol. You can just tell your friends it’s a “BYOB” bash. This way, they get to know that though you’ll be taking care of the food, they need to bring their own alcohol if they wish to drink.

Whenever you’re invited to a party, it’s common to ask what you can bring. If the host mentions it’s a BYOB party, you know you need to bring your own booze. Similarly, if you’re sending out invites for your own party, just mention it’s a BYOB event in the invitation details. This ensures that everyone is clear on what’s expected.

While BYOB is generally understood as “bring your own beer”, it can also mean “bring your own bottle” or “bring your own beverage”. So, if you’re unsure about what type of drink to bring to a BYOB party, it’s best to check with the host to avoid any confusion or awkwardness.

Example for using ‘BYOB’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free this Saturday?

Yeah, what’s up?

I’m having a small get-together at my place. BYOB, okay?

Sure, no problem! I’ll bring some beer.