What does C/S stand for?

Change subject

When you’re browsing through online forums or hanging out in chat rooms, you might come across the term ‘C/S’. It’s a handy acronym that people use when they want to change the topic of conversation.

Let’s say you’re chatting about movies, and suddenly, you want to discuss the latest book you’ve read. Just type in ‘C/S’, and the others will know you’re steering the conversation in a new direction.

So, next time you see ‘C/S’ pop up in a chat or a post, remember, it’s not some complicated code. It’s just someone’s quick way of saying, ‘Let’s talk about something else’.

And there you have it! Now you’re in the know and ready to ‘C/S’ like a pro.

Example for using ‘C/S’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the new episode of that show last night? 📺

Yeah, I did! It was so intense! 😮

I know, right? The plot twists are insane! 🤯

Totally! But hey, C/S, have you heard about the party this weekend? 🎉