What does Cab mean?


When you hear the term ‘Cab’, it’s just another way of saying taxi. This is the vehicle that takes people from one spot to another in exchange for a fee. You might also hear it being used as “taxi cab”.

The word ‘Cab’ originates from the cab of a car – the part where the person driving the car sits. It’s usually employed as a noun but can also show up as a verb. For instance, you might say, “we cabbed to the concert” or “she cabs on the weekends for extra money”.

You’re likely to find a lot of cabs in areas with a huge number of people, like Los Angeles or Boston. These are places where it might not make sense or be too costly to own a car. Plus, if you’re in a rush to get somewhere, hopping in a cab is a quick solution.

Example for using ‘Cab’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free tonight?

Yeah, I’m free. What’s up?

I was thinking of going to that new restaurant downtown. Wanna join?

Sounds good! How do we get there?

We can take a cab. It’ll be quicker and more convenient.

Great idea! Let’s meet at 7 outside my place.