What does CAD stand for?

Canadian dollar

CAD stands for the currency of Canada, the Canadian Dollar. This term is often seen in the financial sector or on the internet. It is the typical way to represent the Canadian currency in all caps.

The Canadian Dollar is broken down into 100 cents, similar to many other currencies. It is also used by several central banks worldwide as reserve currency. These institutions use CAD to store their wealth and stabilize their own currencies.

For those living in the United States, CAD is a common sight. It’s often seen alongside the acronym USD in stock markets as well as on price tags of internationally sold items.

CAD is just one of many acronyms used to represent different currencies in the financial market. Some other examples include EUR for Euro, AUD for Australian Dollar, and GBP for British Pound.

Example for using ‘CAD’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m thinking of going to Canada for vacation. Do you know how much things cost there?

Sure! Prices are usually listed in CAD, which stands for Canadian dollar. It’s similar to how we use USD here.

Ah, got it! So if something costs $10 CAD, that means it’s $10 in Canadian dollars, right?

Exactly! Just keep in mind that the exchange rate between CAD and USD may vary, so the actual value in US dollars might be slightly different.