What does Calexit mean?

California leaving the United States is what ‘Calexit’ means.

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Calexit’? This is a buzzword that came up when people in California expressed their wish to break free from the United States and form their own independent state. The name is a neat mashup of “California” and “exit”, just like how Brexit and Grexit got their names.

This term really began to spread around when it started trending on Twitter under the hashtag #Calexit. This was after the 2016 presidential elections, when Donald Trump emerged as the winner. A large number of Californians, who had voted for the other candidate, Hillary Clinton, were not happy with this result.

Protests broke out across the state, with people expressing their displeasure over the election outcome. The reason? They were upset over the divisive tactics Trump used during his campaign. In fact, the discontent was so strong, it led to other hashtags like #Caleavefornia and #Califrexit also trending on social media.

So there you have it! ‘Calexit’ is not just a word, it’s a symbol of the deep divisions that can arise in a society as a result of political differences.

Example for using ‘Calexit’ in a conversation

Person 1: Hey, have you heard of Calexit? 🤔

Person 2: Yeah, it’s when California wants to leave the US, right? 🌴🚫🇺🇸

Person 1: Exactly! It’s like California’s version of Brexit. #Calexit was all over Twitter after Trump got elected. 😮

Person 2: Oh yeah, I remember that. People were protesting and everything. #Caleavefornia and #Califrexit were also trending. 😤