What does it mean in gaming?

A gamer who stays put

Imagine you’re playing a video game and there’s a player who does not move around much. They just stay in one place for a long period, even for the entire game sometimes. This player is what you’d call a camper in gaming slang.

A camper picks a spot that gives them an advantage over others. It could be a hidden place or a well-protected area. From there, they wait and watch for other players to walk into their line of sight.

They often choose areas where items or power-ups appear, so they can snatch them before anyone else. This way, they get the upper hand without having to move around much.

Not everyone is a fan of campers. Some players think it’s a cheap trick, arguing that if everyone did the same, the game would never progress.

But, there are also those who think that camping is a legit strategy. They say it’s part of the game and those who can’t deal with campers should just improve their skills. They often tell the complainers to “get good, noob.”

Example for using ‘Camper’ in a conversation

Hey, I was playing this new game yesterday and I kept getting killed by this player.

Oh no, what happened?

Well, they were a total camper. They just stayed in one spot the whole time!

Ugh, that’s so annoying. Did you try to chase them?

I did, but every time I got close, they would just shoot me from their hiding spot.

Sounds like they were using camping as a strategy. Some people think it’s cheap, but others say it’s a valid way to play.

Yeah, I get that, but it’s still frustrating when you’re trying to have a fast-paced game.