What does Camping mean in gaming?

Not moving from one place

When it comes to gaming, the term ‘camping’ has a whole different meaning. It’s not about heading outdoors and setting up a tent, but rather a gaming strategy. ‘Camping’ is when a player decides to stick to one spot for a lengthy period of time because it gives them an upper hand in the game.

For instance, in multiplayer first-person shooter games, players who are familiar with the gaming map often resort to camping. They try to find a hidden, defensible spot and stay there, sniping other players. Some of these gamers may not leave their spot for the entire duration of the game, unless they are forced to move by team members or opponents, who might find a way to defeat them.

In player vs player (PvP) massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), camping can take on another form. When players are defeated in these games, they respawn at their corpse’s location. High-level players might ‘camp’ at this respawn point, killing the low-level players repeatedly to accumulate experience points (XP).

Example for using ‘Camping’ in a conversation

Hey, wanna play some Call of Duty later?

Sure, I’m up for it! I’ve been practicing my sniping skills.

Nice! Just a heads up, some players like to camp in that game.

What do you mean by camp?

It’s when they stay in one spot for a long time to gain an advantage.

Ah, got it. So they’re like sniping from a hidden spot?

Exactly! They won’t move unless someone finds them or forces them to.