Cancel Club

What does Cancel Club mean?

People who’ve been pushed away or silenced by others

Entering the “cancel club” means you’ve been cancelled. The club is not a real place, but a metaphorical group of people who have been publicly called out or shamed for past wrongdoings, whether they are real or just perceived. This concept is a direct result of “cancel culture”, a trend that began to take hold online, particularly on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, around 2019.

The act of cancelling someone and assigning them to the cancel club is seen as a way to reprimand them for perceived wrongs, even if they have apologized. The term was popularized by model and businesswoman Chrissy Teigen, who spoke openly about her feelings of isolation after being called out for cyberbullying.

People, businesses, universities, and religious organizations can all be “cancelled”, but more often than not, it’s individuals who are targeted. Some well-known members of the cancel club include Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Ellen DeGeneres, David Dobrik, J.K. Rowling, Morgan Wallen, and Chris Pratt.

However, being part of the cancel club isn’t always a life sentence. Some people serve their time, which can span months or years, and eventually find their way back into the public’s good graces. Others, however, never manage to escape the club, usually depending on the severity of their transgressions.

Critics of cancel culture and the cancel club argue that it promotes hasty judgment of wrongdoers and doesn’t leave room for explanation or dialogue. There’s also concern that people are being cancelled for minor offenses or differences of opinion, rather than focusing on resolving conflicts in a constructive way.

Example for using ‘Cancel Club’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the Cancel Club?

Yeah, it’s that group of people who have been shut down or forced out, right?

Exactly! It’s like this figurative club where famous and non-famous people end up after being canceled.

I remember Chrissy Teigen talking about it. She felt weird being part of the cancel club after the cyberbullying accusations.