What does Cannon mean in sports?

A really good arm for throwing

In sports, a player is said to have a cannon if they can throw something, usually a ball, a great distance. This term is often used when talking about a quarterback who can toss a football as far as 80 yards.

The term cannon originates from the real-life device that can fire projectiles a huge distance. This slang was taken up by sports commentators and fans around the 1990s, and it’s still popular today.

You’ll most likely hear the term cannon used in sports like football and baseball. But don’t be surprised if you come across it in other sports as well. It’s a versatile term that can apply to any player with a strong throwing arm.

Just like cannon, there are several other terms used for describing different athletic abilities. For instance, ‘ups’ is used for someone who can jump high, and ‘wheels’ is used for a fast runner.

Example for using ‘Cannon’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that quarterback’s throw last night? It was insane!

Yeah, he’s got a cannon for an arm! The ball went flying!

Totally! I’ve never seen someone throw so far before.

I know, right? He’s definitely got one of the best cannons in the league.