What does Carcolepsy mean?

Falling asleep as soon as the car starts moving is called ‘Carcolepsy’

Carcolepsy is a slang term used to describe the situation when someone starts dozing off as soon as the car gets moving. It’s particularly common among people who often go on long car journeys and become used to the relaxing hum and rhythm of the road.

Those who are prone to carcolepsy typically start snoozing within the first half an hour of the trip. They often become the butt of jokes, as fellow passengers might find it amusing to place objects in their mouths or arrange them in funny positions while they’re out cold.

If you’re someone who suffers from carcolepsy, it’s advisable not to drive for extended periods. This is because the relaxing environment of the car and the road might make you feel drowsy, which could be dangerous if you’re behind the wheel.

Example for using ‘Carcolepsy’ in a conversation

Ugh, I’m so tired. Just got in the car for our road trip.

Haha, get ready for some carcolepsy!

What’s that? Sounds like some fancy medical term.

Nah, it’s slang for falling asleep as soon as the car starts moving.