Card Advantage

What does Card Advantage mean in CCGs?

Having more cards in hand than the other player

In card games like MTG or Hearthstone, “card advantage” is a term used when a player has more cards than their opponent. Each extra card is seen as a useful tool, giving the player with more cards a leg up.

Players can gain card advantage in two main ways. One way is by drawing more cards than the opponent. The other is by using just one of their cards to handle two or more of the opponent’s cards.

For instance, a move that clears the board could give the player who uses it a card advantage. They could get rid of all the opponent’s minions with just one of their own cards, creating a card advantage.

Example for using ‘Card Advantage’ in a conversation

Hey, I just learned about this term called “Card Advantage” in Magic: The Gathering. Do you know what it means?

Yeah, I know! It means having more cards than your opponent in the game.

Oh, got it! So, having more cards gives you an advantage, right?

Exactly! Each card is valuable, so having more means you have more options and control over the game.