What does Cardboardeaux mean?

Cardboardeaux is slang for Boxed wine

For those who enjoy a budget-friendly drink, Cardboardeaux might be a familiar term. It’s a clever combination of the words “cardboard” and “Bordeaux,” a renowned type of wine. Essentially, cardboardeaux refers to a boxed wine, often seen as a less posh alternative to bottled wine.

The origin of the term cardboardeaux remains a mystery. It’s likely that it was created by a fan of this affordable wine option. It started getting attention around 2012 and is commonly used in both online and offline conversations.

While some wine connoisseurs might turn up their noses at cardboardeaux due to its less than luxurious packaging, others appreciate its practicality. It’s not only easy on the wallet but also fits neatly into most fridges – something that can’t be said for all wine bottles.

Example for using ‘Cardboardeaux’ in a conversation

I picked up a bottle of Cardboardeaux for tonight’s party 🍷

Cardboardeaux? What’s that? πŸ€”

Haha, it’s a slang term for boxed wine! πŸ“¦πŸ·

Oh, got it! So it’s not fancy wine, but it’s convenient and affordable, right? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ