What does CARE stand for?

Cover a**, retain employment

CARE is a clever acronym that means “Cover a**, retain employment.” This slang term is basically a fun way to say “take steps to protect yourself so you don’t lose your job.”

It’s a version of the often-used “CYA” acronym seen in various work settings, from financial institutions to law enforcement agencies. But what situations might call for the use of CARE? Let’s dive in.

Imagine you’re a banker and you’ve made a mistake on a report, leading to some financial fallout. Or you’re a cop and you need to hide evidence to steer clear of negative public attention. In such scenarios, you’d need to CARE – cover your tracks and safeguard your job.

The acronym acts as a reminder to shield yourself from any potential backlash or punishment headed your way. It’s all about taking preventative measures, so you can keep your job despite the bumps on the road.

Example for using ‘CARE’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the big mistake John made at work?

Yeah, I heard. He really needs to CARE or he might lose his job.

I know, right? It’s a serious situation. He should’ve been more careful.

Definitely. Hopefully, he’ll learn from this and start covering his a**.