Catch These Hands

What does Catch These Hands mean?

Prepare to be punched

When someone tells you that you’re gonna catch these hands, it implies that they are ready to initiate a physical fight with you. More specifically, they’re indicating that they want to punch you, or let your face “catch” their fists.

This term is typically used in text messages or online chats, usually when someone is really angry with you. It’s also common to see catch these hands being used on social media platforms, often as a part of a mostly empty threat to engage in a fistfight with another user.

The phrase catch these hands is frequently shortened to just catch hands. Additionally, people may also add phrases like fixing to, finna, or trying to in front of catch these hands, hinting that they’re not quite ready to actually go ahead and punch you.

There are also related phrases such as throw hands, throwing hands, or give the hands, all of which express a person’s intention to knock you down with their fists.

Example for using ‘Catch These Hands’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see what they posted about you on social media?

Yeah, I did. They’re really trying it, talking all that smack.

For real! They better watch out, they’re about to catch these hands!

Haha, I can’t wait to see their face when you confront them.