What does Caucacity mean?

Boldness that comes from white privilege

When browsing through social media platforms, you might stumble upon the term ‘Caucacity’. This slang is often used to describe the bold or outrageous behaviours of white individuals who are seemingly out of touch with reality. The term is a clever blend of the words ‘Caucasian’, which means white people, and ‘audacity’, which refers to behaviour that is bold and shocks or surprises people.

This term was first brought into the limelight by a writer and comedian, who goes by the pseudonym of Jax Monroe. In a music review for a popular culture publication, Monroe used the term ‘Caucacity’ to express his thoughts. Later, he took to Twitter to define the term, referring to it as a unique type of audacity exclusive to the most ‘Yakubian’ individuals. Here, ‘Yakubian’ is another term that points to people of Caucasian descent.

The use of ‘Caucacity’ is common on Twitter, where users critique the disrespectful actions of a white person or a white-owned business, often those actions that reflect a lack of awareness of their privilege. The term also comes into play when describing actions that are seen as ‘stereotypically white’, like eating a seven-layer salad on a private plane. So, the next time you come across ‘Caucacity’, you’ll know it’s a term used to call out outrageous or disrespectful behaviour typically associated with out-of-touch white people.

Example for using ‘Caucacity’ in a conversation

Can you believe what I just saw? 😮

What happened? Tell me! 🤔

So, I was at the mall, and this lady walked into the store, grabbed a bunch of clothes, and just walked out without paying! 🤯

Wow, that’s some serious caucacity right there! 😳