What does CBF stand for?

Can’t be f***ed

When you see ‘CBF’, it’s an abbreviation used in a casual chat conversation. It stands for “can’t be bothered”. It’s a way of telling someone that you’re feeling too lazy or uninterested to do something.

Be careful while using this acronym though. It’s not the best choice of words for a formal or professional setting. Using ‘CBF’ in a conversation with your manager or colleagues may give off an impression of unprofessionalism or lack of commitment.

So, it’s crucial to be aware of the context and the people you’re communicating with before using ‘CBF’. It’s quite a raw and direct way of expressing one’s feelings and may not be well received by everyone.

Example for using ‘CBF’ in a conversation

Hey, wanna go grab some food?

Nah, CBF. Let’s just order in.