What does CCU stand for?

Critical care unit

When we talk about CCU, we’re referring to a very important part of a hospital. This is a department where they take care of patients who are seriously sick or injured. It’s a place where you’ll find highly experienced doctors and nurses who are experts in treating people who are very ill.

In most places, the CCU is known by another name – the ICU. This is an abbreviation for Intensive Care Unit. The job of the people working here is to provide intensive care medicine, which means they are skilled at handling serious and life-threatening conditions.

So, if you ever hear someone talk about the CCU, now you know what they’re referring to. It’s a place within a hospital where they provide the highest level of medical care to patients who need it the most.

Example for using ‘CCU’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Mark?

No, what happened?

He got into a car accident and is in the CCU.

Oh no! Is he okay?