What does CDC stand for?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is the main health protection agency in the United States. Its main job is to keep Americans safe and healthy by preventing diseases, injuries and disabilities.

CDC is often used when people talk about health issues, diseases, and safety measures. Also, this term is frequently seen in news and articles related to public health.

The main office of the CDC is in DeKalb County, Georgia. This agency is widely recognized for its efforts in ensuring public health and safety.

From environmental health to food safety, the CDC plays a vital role. They help to control and prevent diseases, making it a key player in the health sector.

Example for using ‘CDC’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the CDC?

Yeah, it stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, right?

Exactly! It’s the national public health institute in the US.

Oh, I see. So, what do they do?

Their main goal is to protect public health and safety.

That’s important, especially during times like these.

Definitely! The CDC is always involved in reports about diseases and injury prevention.

Ah, got it. So, where is the CDC located?

It’s in DeKalb County, Georgia.