What does CEEBS mean?

Can’t be bothered

When you see the term ‘ceebs’ popping up in your chat, that’s your friend or anyone messaging you saying they can’t be bothered. It’s like they’re too busy, too tired, or maybe they just want some alone time.

‘Ceebs’ is just another way of saying ‘can’t be bothered’, but with less typing. It’s a part of the internet’s lingo that includes other similar acronyms like CBB, CBF and so on. The term ‘ceebs’ is derived from the way ‘C’ and ‘B’ from ‘can’t be bothered’ are pronounced.

Imagine you’re sitting at home, buried in books because you have a big test tomorrow. Suddenly, you get a text from your buddy, Mike, asking if you want to catch a movie later. You don’t have time for fun, so you simply text back ‘ceebs’. Or picture this: your mom messages you asking to clean your room, but you’re just too worn out. You might respond with ‘ceebs’, although be ready for a mom-style pep talk about responsibilities!

Example for using ‘CEEBS’ in a conversation

Friend: Hey, wanna come over to my place and watch a movie tonight?

You: Ceebs, sorry! I have to finish this assignment for tomorrow. πŸ˜…

Friend: No worries, dude. Good luck with your assignment! 🀞

You: Thanks! Let’s catch up soon though. πŸ‘