What does Cellar mean in sports?

Cellar means Last place

If you’ve heard someone mention a sports team being in the ‘cellar’, they’re not talking about a cozy wine-storage space. ‘Cellar’ is a slang term often used in the sports world to describe a team that’s in last place. It’s a comparison to a real-life cellar, which is located at the very bottom of a house or building.

Continuing with that idea, a ‘cellar dweller’ doesn’t refer to a person or creature living in a basement. Instead, it’s another sports slang that is used to describe a team that always seems to be in last place. They’re the team that, season after season, can’t seem to climb their way out of the bottom rankings.

So, next time you hear someone mention the ‘cellar’ in a sport context, you’ll know they’re not discussing architecture. They’re actually talking about the teams that are struggling to leave the bottom of the league standings.

Example for using ‘Cellar’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the game last night?

Yeah, I did. Our team came in last place again.

Ugh, we’re always in the cellar!

I know, it’s so frustrating. We need to step up our game.