What does Cellfish mean?

Being rude to others by focusing too much on your phone conversation

When someone is too caught up in their phone conversation and forgets about the people around them, they are being cellfish. This slang term is a mix of the words “cell phone” and “selfish”.

Cellfish behavior is often noticed in smaller, crowded places like waiting rooms, checkout lines, movie theaters, or elevators. People in such places are forced to listen to the phone conversation, which can be annoying and considered rude.

The term cellfish is used to describe this type of behavior. It’s when someone is so involved in their phone that they don’t realize they are being rude to others around them.

Example for using ‘Cellfish’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m at the doctor’s office waiting room. It’s packed!

I’m here too! Where are you sitting?

I’m near the entrance. There’s this guy next to me, talking loudly on his phone.

Ugh, I can’t stand people like that. So rude! 😑