What does C&G stand for?

Chuckle and grin

C&G is a fun way to show that you’re laughing in messages. Say, you shoot a hilarious meme to your buddy, Alex, he might respond with, “C&G. That’s epic.”

If Alex wants to add a little cheekiness to his message, he could use CSG, where the “S” stands for “snicker.” Or, suppose Alex is pulling a playful prank, he can use BEG to express his mischievous delight.

However, not everyone is familiar with C&G. Good news though, there’s a whole range of ways to express laughter in texts and online chats. For instance, Alex could use LOL, haha, or LMAO, which are all super popular.

Example for using ‘C&G’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that hilarious video of the cat dancing?

C&G. Love it. πŸ˜‚

I knew you’d find it funny! πŸ˜„

CSG. That cat’s got moves! 😏