What does Channer mean?

Someone who uses 4chan is a ‘Channer’

Let’s talk about the term ‘Channer’. It’s a way to describe someone who uses 4chan, a website where people post images and have discussions about all sorts of things. 4chan was put together by a guy named Christopher Poole in 2003 and it’s got heaps of users who usually post without using their real names.

You might hear the term ‘Channer’ on other websites or in online chats. Like, you might see a post on Twitter that goes something like, “That dude is a total joker. He’s a channer too, always posting stuff from there.”

There are plenty of other slang words used to describe people who use different social media platforms. For instance, people who post videos on YouTube are called YouTubers, those who love to scroll through TikTok are known as TikTokers, Instagram users are often referred to as Instagrammers, and Twitter fans are sometimes called Tweeple.

Example for using ‘Channer’ in a conversation

Person 1: Hey, have you seen this hilarious meme?

Person 2: No, show me!

Person 1: Sure, it’s from this channer on 4chan. They always find the best stuff!

Person 2: Oh, I see. Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜„