What does Cheerio mean?

‘Cheerio’ is another way to say ‘Goodbye’

People in Britain sometimes use the word ‘Cheerio’ instead of ‘goodbye’. It’s a fun and friendly way of saying farewell. Think of it as a bubbly version of ‘cheers’, another word that can mean goodbye.

This term wasn’t always ‘Cheerio’. It started off as ‘Cheero’, back in the day, before it transformed into ‘Cheerio’ around late 1910s. It’s likely the word changed because ‘Cheerio’ sounds more upbeat and happy.

And, ‘Cheero’ itself might have been a shorter way of saying the old goodbye phrase, “good cheer be with you”. So, when you say ‘Cheerio’, you’re basically wishing someone a joyful farewell!

Example for using ‘Cheerio’ in a conversation

Hey! Are you free this weekend?

Yeah, I am! What’s up?

I’m throwing a small party at my place. You should come!

Sounds fun! Count me in. What time should I be there?

Party starts at 7. See you then!

Great! Looking forward to it. Cheerio!