What does Chicken mean in Minecraft?

Minecraft creature

When you’re playing the popular game Minecraft, you might come across a friendly mob that looks just like a real-life chicken. This mob is simply referred to as a ‘Chicken’ in the game.

These chickens aren’t just for show, they can be quite handy. For instance, they can provide you with raw chicken. If you’re clever and set them on fire before killing them, you’ll even get a cooked chicken instead.

But that’s not all, chickens in Minecraft are also a great source of feathers. Plus, they will randomly drop an egg every 5 to 10 minutes, which can be pretty useful in the game.

Example for using ‘Chicken’ in a conversation

Hey, have you played Minecraft lately?

Yeah, I love it! I’m all about those chickens πŸ”

Haha, me too! They’re so useful. I always gather feathers and eggs from them.

Same here! And if you cook their meat, it’s a tasty meal πŸ—