What does Chingo mean?

‘Chingo’ equals ‘A lot’

Chingo, in Spanish slang, translates to “a lot” or more crudely, “a f***load”. It’s a term used to express having an excessive quantity of something. For example, you might say you have a “chingo de gatos” if you own many cats, or a “chingo de dinero” if you have loads of money. The term originates from the verb chingar, which translates to “to f***”, but it’s important to note that chingo doesn’t have a sexual meaning.

Despite its casual use, it’s best to avoid using chingo in a formal setting or among people who are well-versed in Spanish or Spanish slang. The term, while only slightly vulgar by itself, is derived from a verb that is often used in very intense situations. So, you might want to avoid bragging about your extensive chingo knowledge in front of Spanish-speaking intellectuals, as they might either find it amusing or be taken aback by your choice of words.

So remember, while chingo might seem like a fun and colorful way to express “a lot” of something, its usage should be reserved for less formal occasions and not used in polite or professional company. It’s always important to understand the nuances of slang before using it, especially when the slang originates from a verb with a strong connotation.

Example for using ‘Chingo’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just won a chingo of money at the casino! πŸ’°

No way! How much did you win? πŸ€‘

A chingo! Like, thousands of dollars! πŸ€‘πŸ’Έ

Wow, that’s amazing! You’re so lucky! πŸ’Έ