What does Chln mean?


Chln is a shortened form of the word “chilling”. It’s a slang term often used in casual conversations, especially in online chats and text messages.

When someone says they’re “Chln”, they’re basically saying they’re relaxing or just taking it easy. It’s a way of saying that they’re so laid back at the moment, they can’t even be bothered to type the entire word.

So, if you see “Chln” in a text from your friend, they’re simply telling you they’re having a chill time. This slang is popular among young internet users who love to keep their conversations short and sweet.

It’s important to note that like all slang, the use of “Chln” might not be understood by everyone. So it’s best to use it within your group of friends who are familiar with such internet lingo.

Example for using ‘Chln’ in a conversation

Hey, what’s up?

Hey! Chln. Just watching some TV. You?

Same here. Just chln at home. Any plans for tonight?

Nah, not really. Just gonna chln with some friends. How about you?