What does Chreaster mean?

Someone who goes to church only for Christmas and Easter is called a ‘Chreaster’

Have you ever heard of a Chreaster? This unique word is a slang term used to describe someone who only shows up to church on Christmas and Easter. These are usually folks who go on these specific holidays out of tradition or due to family pressure.

The name Chreaster is a clever blend of the words ‘Christmas’ and ‘Easter’. These two holidays hold great significance in Christianity, with Christmas marking the birth of Jesus Christ, and Easter commemorating his resurrection.

Churches often experience a surge in attendance during these times, which is when the Chreasters are most likely to make an appearance. Services on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Easter Sunday are most common for Chreasters.

Why do Chreasters attend these services? There could be numerous reasons. Some might be drawn by nostalgia if they grew up attending church on these special days. Others may be there simply to spend quality time with family members who are regular churchgoers.

Example for using ‘Chreaster’ in a conversation

Hey, are you going to church this Sunday?

Nah, I’m not really a regular churchgoer. I’m more of a Chreaster.

What’s a Chreaster?

It’s someone who only goes to church on Christmas and Easter.