Christmas Noob

What does Christmas Noob mean in gaming?

A person who starts playing a game they got as a Christmas gift for the first time

A Christmas Noob is a nickname for someone who starts playing a video game for the first time after getting it as a Christmas present. The term ‘noob’ is short for ‘newbie’, which means a beginner or someone who is new to something.

For experienced gamers, these Christmas noobs are seen as an easy target, much like how sharks see baby seals. They are fresh and inexperienced in the game, often making mistakes that more seasoned players wouldn’t.

Over time, as these Christmas noobs continue to play the game, they’ll likely improve. But when they first start, they’re just like a baby bird hatching from its egg, vulnerable and unskilled.

Example for using ‘Christmas Noob’ in a conversation

Hey, I just got this new video game for Christmas!

Nice! Have you played it yet?

Yeah, I tried it out earlier. I’m a total Christmas Noob at this game.

Haha, don’t worry! We were all Christmas Noobs at some point.