What does Chu mean?

‘Chu’ is slang for ‘You’

Chu is an informal, slightly quirky way of saying “you” especially used by teenagers and young adults. It’s not a mainstream slang term, but it’s definitely out there in the world of text messaging and casual conversations.

Imagine you’re having a chat with your younger sister and she texts, “What chu doing later?” Or, you might ask your boyfriend, “Chu busy tonight?” It’s a fun and easy way to make a conversation more relaxed and friendly.

Keep in mind, “chu” is just one of the many ways people have remixed the word “you” for casual communication. Other examples you might see or hear include “ya” and “u”.

Example for using ‘Chu’ in a conversation

Hey, chu coming to the party tonight? πŸŽ‰

Yeah, I’m down! What chu want me to bring? πŸ•

Just bring some snacks, chu know, chips and dip. πŸ₯¨

Got it, I’ll grab those. What time should chu be ready to go? ⏰