What does Chugging mean?

Collecting charity money in an impolite way

Chugging is essentially a slang term that illustrates the practice of gathering funds for charity through not-so-noble methods. It’s a blend of two words – “charity” and “mugging”.

This term is commonly associated with scenarios where large crowds are present, such as major events or bustling intersections. Here, a chugger might try to exploit people’s emotions to pressure them into donating money.

So, if you find yourself feeling obligated or guilty into giving money to a charity, you might just have encountered a chugger in action.

Example for using ‘Chugging’ in a conversation

Hey, have you ever encountered chuggers?

Chuggers? What’s that?

It’s when people ask for money for charity, but in a pushy and annoying way.

Oh, I think I know what you mean. They guilt you into donating, right?