What does Chx mean?


If you ever hear someone being called a ‘Chx’, it’s not a compliment. It means they’re seen as fearful, timid, or cowardly. Oddly enough, it’s not short for “chicks,” but for “chickens.”

Now, you might be wondering, why ‘chickens’? Chickens aren’t necessarily cowards. In fact, they’re quite cautious creatures. But for some reason, they’ve been associated with fear for hundreds of years.

It’s true that chickens tend to run away from anything unfamiliar. But can you blame them? Despite having wings, they can’t fly away from danger. So, they’ve learned to be extra cautious when anything unknown comes their way.

So, next time you hear someone being called ‘Chx’, remember it’s not about being a cute little bird. It’s about being seen as a scaredy-cat… or rather, a scaredy-chicken!

Example for using ‘Chx’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that scary movie last night?

Yeah, I did. It gave me the chills!

Haha, you’re such a chx!

Hey, no need to call me that! I just don’t like horror movies!