What does CICYH stand for?

Can I copy your homework

CICYH is a slang that people often use in texts or online chats when they want someone else to do their homework for them. It’s usually used when someone doesn’t feel like doing their own work, doesn’t have time, or is struggling with the subject.

Imagine a situation where your buddy sends you a message just minutes before class starts saying, “CICYH? I had a long practice session and couldn’t finish the assignment.” In this case, your friend is asking you to share your homework because they didn’t have time to do it.

Or let’s say you’re having a hard time with a Calculus assignment and you desperately need to pass. You might send a message to your friend saying, “CICYH tonight? I need at least a C or my dad is going to be very upset with me.” In this situation, you’re asking your friend to help you out by sharing their homework.

Example for using ‘CICYH’ in a conversation

Hey, did you finish the math homework?

No, I didn’t even start. Can I copy your homework?

Sure, but don’t make it too obvious!

Thanks! I owe you one! πŸ™