What does CICYHW stand for?

Can I copy your homework

‘CICYHW’ is a handy acronym that is used by students who are either too lazy to do their homework or are stuck with a particular assignment. It stands for “Can I Copy Your Homework”. It’s a quick way to ask a friend or classmate if you can borrow their completed homework for reference or copying.

It’s important to remember that while this slang term may seem convenient, it’s not always a good idea to use it. Homework is meant to reinforce what you’ve learnt and help you understand the concepts better. So, it’s always better to try and do your homework yourself.

If someone uses ‘CICYHW’ on you, and you don’t want to share your homework, there are plenty of creative ways you can say ‘no’. Remember, your hard work shouldn’t be taken advantage of by others.

So, next time you come across ‘CICYHW’, you’ll know what it means. And remember, it’s always better to do your own homework!

Example for using ‘CICYHW’ in a conversation

Hey, can I copy your homework for today? πŸ˜…

CICYHW? Nice try! 😏

Come on, please? I’ll owe you one! πŸ™

Sorry, but I think you should do your own work. Good luck! πŸ‘