What does Cinderella mean in sports?

Underdog sports team

A ‘Cinderella’ is a slang term used in sports, primarily during the March Madness tournament. It’s a term that refers to an unexpected team that performs exceptionally well, surpassing the expectations set for them.

This team, often seen as an underdog, manages to beat its stronger, more favored opponents. It’s these unexpected victories that give them the title of a ‘Cinderella’ team.

These ‘Cinderella’ teams bring a lot of excitement to the games. They show that in sports, there’s always room for surprises and that even the ‘little guy’ can emerge victorious. This is why they are often a fan favorite.

So, when you hear someone refer to a team as a ‘Cinderella’, you now know they’re talking about a team that’s outperforming expectations and shaking up the tournament!

Example for using ‘Cinderella’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the game last night?

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it! The underdog team won!

I know, right? They’re like a Cinderella team!

Totally! It’s awesome to see them exceed expectations.