What does CIP stand for?

Customer initiated payment

If you’re shopping on online auction sites like eBay, you might come across the term ‘CIP’. This is an acronym that sellers use to let buyers know that they only ship an order after the buyer has paid for it.

What this means for you as a buyer is that you need to make the payment before your order will be completed and shipped. It’s a way for sellers to ensure they receive payment before they send out their goods.

So, next time you’re browsing online auctions and you see ‘CIP’ in the listing, you’ll know that the seller wants payment first before they’ll ship your order. Remember, understanding these terms can help make your online shopping experience smoother.

Example for using ‘CIP’ in a conversation

Hey, did you get that new phone you ordered?

Yeah, I did! It’s awesome πŸ˜„

Nice! How did you make sure the seller was legit?

Well, they had CIP on their listing, so I knew they were trustworthy. It means the buyer has to make the payment before the order is shipped.