What does Citiot mean?

City dweller who acts foolishly

Citiot is a combination of the words “city” and “idiot,” mainly used by people from rural areas to describe those from the city who they believe are stupid or annoying. It is often directed towards those city folks who are seen as arrogant or unaware of the realities of life outside the city.

The term is frequently used when city-dwellers exhibit a sense of entitlement or ignorance in rural vacation spots, acting as if they rule the place. This behavior can cause issues for the actual locals of these areas.

However, the usage of the term Citiot isn’t always fair. Some people from the countryside use it to refer to all individuals from the city, irrespective of their attitude or knowledge about non-urban living. These rural users could be as narrow-minded as the so-called “citiots” they are labeling.

Example for using ‘Citiot’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new guy who moved to our town?

Yeah, I heard he’s from the city. Total citiot!

Haha, really? I hope he doesn’t act like he knows everything about country life.

Me too! I can’t stand when citiots come here and act all superior.