City Boy

What does City Boy mean?

A man who doesn’t care about women

A City Boy is usually referred to a man who doesn’t allow any woman to interfere with his life or ambitions. This phrase popped up on social media platforms back in 2019 as a counter to the Hot Girl Summer trend, but gained more traction on TikTok in June 2022.

While the Hot Girl Summer encouraged women to be confident and empowered, the City Boy Summer trend, on the other hand, popularized men acting indifferently or even negatively towards women. This trend gained momentum, leading many men to post videos where they ignored or ill-treated women, calling themselves city boys.

Despite the negative connotation, the city boy phenomenon didn’t completely vanish from social media. It made a strong comeback in the summer of 2022. TikTok videos with the hashtags #cityboy and #cityboys gained millions of views. These videos typically showcased men being dismissive, ridiculing, or even boasting about cheating on women.

An interesting aspect of these videos is the use of a clip from the animated series Gravity Falls, where a character shouts “City boyyy! City boyyyy!” This clip, taken out of context, has gone viral and is often included in the city boy-related content.

Example for using ‘City Boy’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen those #cityboy videos on TikTok?

Yeah, I have. They’re so cringey.

Totally! It’s like they’re trying to show off how they don’t care about women.

Exactly! It’s not cool to treat people that way.