What does Civ mean in Gaming?


When gamers say Civ, they’re talking about games in the Civilization series. It’s a quick way to name the game they’re playing. They usually add a number to it, like Civ 5 or Civ VI, to point out the exact game they’re referring to.

Civilization, also known as Sid Meier’s Civilization, is a popular series of turn-based strategy games. The goal of the game is to take a small civilization and turn it into a powerhouse in politics, technology, or culture. It’s a battle against the other players in the game. The first game in the series came out in 1991.

You’ll often see Civ being used in gaming forums or when you’re talking to your gamer friends. The Civilization series is a big deal in the gaming world. By 2017, over 40 million copies had been sold. This means most gamers know at least a little bit about Civ.

Example for using ‘Civ’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new Civ game? It looks amazing! 🎮

Yeah, I’ve been playing Civ VI for a while now. It’s so addictive! 🌍

Nice! I’ve only played Civ V so far. Is VI much better? 🤔

Definitely! VI has improved graphics and new features. You should give it a try! 🙌